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Mckenzie River Trail Backpacking

After finishing my spring term at UO this past Friday, I was eager to get outdoors to start off my summer. With many people headed back home I decided to do some solo backpacking. I wanted to stay close, so I chose to hike the McKenzie River Trail. The full length of the MRT is usually done in a day on mountain bikes, or people day hike many of the short scenic routes along the trail. The full trail however, makes for a great multi-day backpacking trip- especially for beginners or people wanting to take it slow.

I wanted to make this trip simple logistically so I opted to take the bus instead of drive. I planned my bus routes for my departure and return trip on the Lane County transit website. I left my apartment at 3:30am on Monday morning to catch the first route on bus #91. I walked about a mile and a half to Eugene station and got on the bus when it arrived at 4:40am. I took this bus to McKenzie Bridge where I would be taking a shuttle from Horse Creek Lodge to the northern trail …

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